Past 100 Years
× Old Craftmanship

We have continued to make women's shoes in Kobe for about 100 years.
We have spent these days making shoes with an aim to create the beauty and health of women.

It is our pride and passion of shoemakers and the brand of "Made in Japan" that we have been keeping for 100 years.

We will show you with confidence the tradition and technical history that we have created while keeping up with the changes of manufacturing business and the standard of beauty.
In order to keep our manufacturing in the future when more changes seems to be surrounded us, it is necessary to imagine the future of Japan and the way of Japanese life as well as its past and present.


Brand introduction

Since we started the sales as the brand representing Kawano in 1985, we have had enormous support from gracious and decent women.
The concept is "sophisticated and high quality".
The design is characterized by the moderate mixture of contemporary trend with untiring traditional style as the basis.
Using carefully selected materials as well as the wooden last (which is the wooden model) we developed enables us to provide the customers with a sense of good fitting and foot comfort.
VITA NOVA was born in 1993 as the first house brand comfort shoes.
Studying and developing the outsoles have made it possible for us to succeed in lightening shoes.
The shoes, whose soles are highly improved in cushioning and flexibility, have been supported by many customers as those untiring and easy to walk with.
We have been providing the casual design shoes which are daily used mainly by matrons and young mothers and basic for the use on gala occasions such as outings.
adesso vita nova
adesso vita nova
"adesso vita nova" is a brand, which has derived from VITA NOVA to create a collection of comfortable but more fashionable shoes, has been developing medium heel pumps and flat sole shoes, etc. while keeping intact the cushioning and the flexibility of the soles.
The shoes of the brand have been playing an active role in all the changing scenes of life such as commuting and shopping.
with width
with width
As its name suggests, the brand's products secure the width (the width of shoes).
The collection of the pumps that have been made utilizing a wooden mold (EE/EEE) with large widths.
Designs are of contemporary pumps, but the foot comfort is good like flat shoes.
This is a collection of the pumps for working women, which use functional outsoles with copyrights in registered design and have the function for keeping the balance during the walk.
The main target is the working women from their 30's to 50's.



Shoemaking has such warmness and shoe comfort as only human hands can make realized.
Kawano Co., Ltd., which attaches importance to such attractiveness and puts stress on hand workings, has a system that all the processes of manufacturing every product, such as cutting, sewing, forming, and finishing, must be checked by workmen, and they, not machines, do delicate works and make fine adjustments.
In a BtoB transaction too, we will meet your needs accurately utilizing the know-hows that we have cultivated so far.

Please contact us with the contact form or by telephone.


Flow of OEM


Please let us know what the products that you want look like.


2_Preliminary discussion
In principle, we will have an interview with you at our company's show room and propose a plan according to your needs.


We will make an estimation based on the number of lots and the specification of products.


4_Sample creation
We will make a sample in the real production line and make minute corrections according to your requests and to your satisfaction.


We will perform the manufacturing work within such a short lead time as only domestic production can realize.


We will deliver the finished products according to the designated place and date.


Made in Japan

We hope to provide such warmness and foot comfort as can only be realized by the human hands.


Even if times have changed greatly, the shoemaking will keep intact the warmness and foot comfort capable of being realized only by human hands.
Since the foundation, Kawano Co., Ltd., which attaches importance to such attractiveness, has been consistently developing the manufacture system with stress put on handmade processes.
Needless to say, we have been promoting the introduction of state-of-the-art devices but have been developing the system that all the processes including cutting, sewing, forming and finishing must be checked by the workmen.
While realizing the most advanced shoemaking, we have been putting the handmade technology and human sensitivity at the center of our quality control of the products with a distance kept from the automation technology.
Currently, Kawano's annual total production is 0.7 million pairs.
We take pride in not only the mass production but also the technology and quality that can provide customers with true satisfaction.

Concentrate on handmade
  • Even if its design looks similar to each other, the stretchability and quality of leather as a material are not uniform.
    Therefore, the precise work such as the application of the glue and the formation of the part of the arch of a foot, the process of getting rid of wrinkles, and soling cannot be done by machines but by the hands of workmen who make fine adjustments.
    This can improve the quality of any finished shoes greatly.
    Kawano Co., Ltd. continues to pass on those old-style artisan skills to manufacture shoes "Made in Japan".

Factory administration
  • Today's shoemaking processes are the combination of manual and automatic procedures but there is a principle passed on for many years, "The next process is the customer".
    It has become customary for a worker to account even for the processes subsequent to that which he/she takes charge of and to communicate problems to other workers, with whom to confirm them together.

    Each worker's attitude of tackling his/her shoemaking work is reflected on the quality of the products, which Kawano takes pride in.

Toward the activation of the local industry
  • The Nagata ward, Kobe city functions as if the whole area were a single shoe factory.
    Our company's head office factory assembles parts in the final assembly process to complete the products as shoes, so there is a divisional cooperation among many of the parts manufacturing and processing operations in this area.


Corporate information

Name of company
Kawano Co., Ltd.
March 1921
April 1957
40 million yen
President and Representative Director
Tadatomo Kawano
Number of employees
Annual sales amount
5 billion yen
Contents of business
Planning and developing women's shoes, developing directly-managed stores "BARCLAY", wholesaling to major department stores, OEM to retailers, wholesalers and apparel businesses, and export.
_Corporate headquarter and plants
101-6, 5-chome, Omichidori, Nagata-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo, 653-0833, Japan
tel: +81-78-631-1161 [Main]
_Distribution center
3F, 3-2, 3-chome, Yasakadai, Suma-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo, 654-0161, Japan
tel: +81-78-791-9815 [Main]
_Tokyo office
Jingu GaienBld.4F, 7-25, 2-chome, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061, Japan
tel: +81-3-3475-5565 [Main]
_Directly-managed stores
See the shop list of BARCLAY's website.
Affiliate companies
3-2, 3-chome, Yasakadai, Suma-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo, 654-0161, Japan
Tel: 078-794-8890 [Main]
Banks of account
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, The Minato Bank, Ltd.
Corporate philosophy
  • We serve people, communities and future through shoemaking.
  • Based on the recognition that companies are social public facilities, we hold as our corporate philosophy that we try to contribute to the development of the industry and the local society as well as to improve the living and welfare of the employees.


    Kawano Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of women's shoes founded in 1921.
    Since then, complying with the principle of "Shoes are the basis of people's life and culture", we have been manufacturing both fashionable and functional shoes having high additional values for the beauty and health of women.
    In addition to the efforts toward transferring shoemaking technology and improving our ability to develop the products as a shoe manufacturer, we have begun to develop our directly-managed shops since 1975 in order to convey our spirit contained in each product directly to customers.
    We have been promoting to improve our sales ability by establishing the integrated system from manufacturing through sales called "2.5 (secondary and half) industrial system".
    Additionally, in 2001, we have begun to sell our products at overseas markets by the means such as displaying them at the international trade fair of shoes held in Italy and opening our directly-managed stores in Asia.
    In this way, Kawano Co., Ltd., which has been leading the industry by developing enterprising operations while always looking at the next generation, will continue to manufacture shoes with stress put on "Made in Japan" as a leading company in cooperation with our employees, suppliers, processors, and local residents.
    We will promote the world-standard business from Kobe with the hope that Kawano's shoes will embellish women's foot beautifully not only in Japan but also other countries of the world.

  • March, 1921
    Kawano Rubber Industry manufactured rubber shoes.
    May, 1952
    Started manufacturing chemical shoes.
    April, 1957
    Reorganized to Kawano Rubber Industry, Co., Ltd with the capital 1.5 million yen.
    July, 1959
    Expanded its business to the industry of women's shoes.
    April, 1963
    Capital 6 million yen. Instituted the leather shoes department.
    March, 1964
    Capitals 10 million yen
    August, 1967
    The headquarters office moved to the present location.
    August, 1972
    Held Japan's first shoes fashion show at Sony building in Sukiyabashi, Tokyo.
    July, 1975
    Started developing directly-managed stores.
    April, 1976
    Changed the company's name into Kawano Co., Ltd.
    February, 1980
    Capital 40 million yen.
    July, 1983
    Started direct sales at department stores.
    September, 1985
    Opened the Tokyo office.
    January, 1988
    Opened the distribution center at Kobe Port Island.
    September, 2001
    Displayed at the international shoe trade fair "theMICAM" held in Milan.
    September, 2002
    Opened the first overseas shop in Hong Kong.
    December, 2005
    The construction of the new headquarter building was completed.

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Administrative headquarter, Headquarters office / +81-78-631-1162
Tokyo office / +81-3-3475-5565



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